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Flow Notify for Woocommerce

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Create & Edit WooCommerce Order Status
Send Personalized Email + SMS Text Messages
Automated Product Stock & Sale Notifications
50+ Core WordPress Compatible Features 

25 WooCommerce Automation Triggers
WhatsApp Global Direct Messaging (New)

Supported Messaging Platforms

Pricing Plan FAQs

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The Most Common Questions Customers Ask

Will it work with WordPress / WooCommerce

Yes. Absolutely. Flow Notify was built for WordPress WooCommerce. It works natively to give you dozens of features without any coding knowlewdge.

Do I need have a Twilio account for SMS Messaging?

Yes. You will need to create a Free Twilio account. Create FREE Account

Do you support WhatsApp?

Yes! We support WhatsApp. You can create and manage WhatsApp templates directly in the dashboard and send WhatsApp messages.

Do I need a Facebook (Meta) business account for WhatsApp Messages?

Yes. You will need to create a Free Facebook Meta Business account. Create FREE Account

Can you help explain the pricing?

Yes, we’d be happy to explain more information about pricing. The pricing for Flow Notify Plugin is charged at an annual plan price. The cost for sending SMS or WhatsApp based messages is charged upon usage (per send). Billing for the number of messages you sent on Flow Notify will be from your account with Twilio and WhatsApp.

What regions are supported for SMS Messaging?

We are currently supporting SMS messages to 150+ countries.

What platforms do you support now and plan on supporting next?

Right now we support Email, SMS and Whatsapp, The following platforms will be planned for supported: Slack, Twitter (X), Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Signal, Skype and Instagram DM.

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